Monday, April 7, 2014

9. Signs of a Troubled Marriage

There can be a large number of signs of a troubled marriage, signs of myriad types. But some signs indicate that the marriage is in real trouble and needs immediate help if it is to be saved. here are some commonly observed signs that show that things have reached a stage where patch work solutions will not work.

1) The couple fight over petty issues: Do not all couples do it? Yes, of course. Fighting over trivial issues is so common that this may even be considered a sign of a healthy marriage. But there is a difference. The husband and wife start fighting over petty issues but the fight invariably escalates into something serious. It is like a story we sometimes read in the newspaper about a silly altercation between two people over petty issue ending up in a murder. In the case of marriage, small fights develop into big fights resulting in the death of marriage.

2) Threatening and Yelling become common features: If either or both of the spouses indulge in shouting or issuing threats, it is an indication that the marriage is in serious trouble. These reactions are a reflection of the contempt that has developed in the relationship. This cannot be good for the long term survival of the marriage.

3) Sleeping in separate couches or bedrooms become a common feature: A husband and wife becoming averse to sharing their bed or room with the other is perhaps the most ominous sign of an impending break up of the marriage.

Yet, the reality is that both are desperate to be loved and accepted. Only thing is that they are unable to find the love in their marriage partner. Perhaps, they will try various things from self help books to marriage counseling but may end up in frustration, with nothing working for them.

Well all along I have been using third person pronouns, as if I have been talking about some unknown people. But if you feel that some of the signs mentioned above are found in your marriage too, do not despair. There is a simple yet effective way to stop divorce and save your marriage.

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