Saturday, April 19, 2014

10. Dating Advice For men - What If You Are Attracted To A Great Looking Woman?

Are you an average guy? If you think and believe that you are extraordinary, then perhaps this articles is not for you. This post is addressed to a man who considers himself average. the use of 'You' is for convenience. Don't take it personal and read on. You may find some ideas you can use in your dating relationship!

Okay. So, you are an average guy - both in terms of looks, skills and brains. Suddenly you find that you are attracted to a fabulous woman - a gorgeous woman with stunning looks and the cynosure of all male eyes.This is not a dream but a real thing. He comes to you on her own and befriends you and throws all hints of loving you. what will be your reaction?

You will think:
a) I am extremely lucky.
b) I deserve it. After all I have a charming personality.
c) It may not last. But let me enjoy till it lasts.

About 70% of men will choose (a), about 25% (c) and only 5% (b)

If you choose (c), most probably, you will be proved right. The girl will leave you after some time.

Most of the people choose (a) because they have no self esteem. Let us see, what will happen if you choose (a). Since you deem it your luck that this great looking girl has chosen you, you will be worried that the luck should last. You will do things to ensure that the girl sticks with you. You will go out of the way to please her. You will exhibit sycophantic behavior.You will treat her not as a girlfriend but as God. Your behavior will make the woman realize that you do not consider yourself worthy of her love. Your desperation and frenzy will make her rethink about choosing to love you and will eventually convince you that you do not deserve her. And she will desert you. So, you will be in the same position of a person who chose (c)

If you had the luck to get the love of a great looking woman, the right thing for you will be to become proud of getting her. You should tell yourself that you deserve such a great person as your partner and you have earned her love in a rightful way. When you approach her with this attitude, an attitude fortified by confidence and conviction, then you will find that your girl will start thinking that she should not lose you. She will love you even more.

Now, if you get into a position like this, remember to choose the right option, which is (b)

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