Friday, March 15, 2013

7. Who Needs Relationship Advice?

Do you need relationship advice, you may say no. This is likely to be your answer even if you have relationship problems. So, it is not that people do not need relationship advice. It is just that they are not inclined to take this advice from others. They may not mind going to an expert and paying him a hefty fee for his advice, though.

Just because relationship advice comes free and is often offered unsolicited, it should not be ignored. Any advice has its value. For example, if I tell you that having an argument late at night is a not good for relationship, you may feel that this is unrealistic since many arguments take place only in the late night, especially when one or both of the partners are not getting a sleep! But a fact is a fact. If you can discipline yourself to avoid arguments in late nights even if your partner is aggressive, you will be able to make your relationship much stronger. You may even be able to have more control during the day making up for what you have put up with in the night!

Therefore, relationship advice can be highly useful. Though advice often comes unsolicited, sometimes, you need to go looking for advice. While you will have professional marriage counselors ready to help you, you can also take the help of people from your family, community, church etc. Family support can be one of the most effective resources, even if the people live far away from you. Make it a point to have good relationship with your partner’s family. You will find this valuable in resolving any problem that may develop between you and your partner in future.

Family support is vitally important, even if they live far away. Strive to be courteous to your partner's family, and expect for your partner to be courteous to yours. This is a good minimum standard for both of you to have for each other, because when the time comes that both of you need some support, they should be there for you at least to the extent you were there for them. 

Advice on relationships is something you need both in times of bonhomie and conflicts. Such advice will help in building a strong bond between the two of you.

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