Sunday, January 20, 2013

5. Should You Put Up With Rudeness In Recession Dating Relationships?

Some people may believe that one should put up with rudeness in recession dating? Recession dating refers to a situation in which your partner is affected by recession and rudeness becomes his characteristic behavior. My suggestion will be you should never put up with rudeness even in a recession dating relationship. Your partner should understand that rudeness will not take him anywhere except towards alienation.

If you want to be understanding and sympathetic and decide to put up with their rudeness, then you will be signing up for a life of abuse. Do not kid yourself into believing that once the financial troubles of your partner are over, he will become affable. Aggression has an addictive quality. If people find that rudeness gives them dividends, they will never give it up.

Please understand that financial problems caused by recession are no excuse for displaying rudeness in a dating relationship. If someone thinks that his financial position justifies his rudeness, he should keep away from dating till he succeeds in rectifying his financial position.

In fact, display of rudeness is an indication of how a person has been brought up. You can find a person’s inclination to be rude by the way he behaves with the restaurant staff when he takes you out for lunch or dinner. If he treats the waiters as people created by God to serve men like him, that is an indication of how he will behave with you in future. Later he may think that you have been created to take care of him and treat you not like a human being but like an object owned by him!

Do not rationalize the rudeness of your partner using recession as the cause. Recession may just be an excuse. Rudeness is likely to be his trait and if you put up with rudeness in a dating relationship, you will have to put up with his rudeness throughout your life. 

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