Tuesday, December 25, 2012

2. Can Relationships Stand The Test Of Time

Is there is a magic formula that can make all relationships could be relationships stand the test of time. If you have or if you can develop such a formula then, you will be able to make a fortune.

In fact one of those things that we find constantly eluding us is building up and sustaining  relationships that stand the test of time. Perhaps there is a secret behind building such enduring relationships. That's why I talked about a formula at the beginning of this article.

Since I talked about a magic formula, you may be inclined to ask me whether I possess such a formula. I do, in fact, have such a formula. But there is nothing magical about it. It's so simple that you may kick yourself for having not thought about it yourself! Don't mistake me if I say that most of us (I am not saying all of us so as to give you a chance to exclude yourself from this "most") have a tendency to make things more complicated than they really are. So, all you need to have is a slight shift in your thinking about and approach towards your relationships to get the success that you would like to attain.

I expect that you may not readily with my assertion since it sounds too simple, if not simplistic. So, I will discuss a few simple ways that will definitely help you make your relationship stand the test of time.:

Begin with you:  This can be a bitter pill for many but you really need to start at your level in your quest for an improved relationship. as much as you would like to have a partner that will be right for you, you should also make yourself right for your partner. Do you have the qualities that you expect from your partner? Jot down what you expect from your partner and introspect whether you are offering the same to your partner. Foe example, if you want your partner to be candid with you, have you been always frank with your partner?

Show Your Partner What You Really Are: After a certain stage in your relationship, you will have the maturity to deal with your partner with comfort and confidence. At this stage, you should make it known to your partner the efforts you have taken to make your traits match with theirs. This will make your partner understand that you can offer them what they want by travelling the extra mile if required. they will know that you are not just loving them but are also making yourself worthy of their love. I am not suggesting that you surrender your personality for the sake of love. I am only talking about the little adjustments that would go a long way in sustaining your relationship.

Dealing with the bad traits in your partner: This is the most challenging part of the task. You may find some undesirable traits sooner or later. How are you going to cope with them? Either you will accept them and decide to live with them or persuade your partner to change them. You may or may not succeed but you will make the efforts all the same. Possibly, you will be able to succeed in changing some but not all. At this stage, you need to think what the effects of these traits will be on the compatibility between the two of you. You will have to take a call whether to accept these traits and continue the relationship or to leave the relationship if you believe that these will cause constant strains in your relationship. Either way, it is okay. The only thing to be avoided is to ignore such traits without thinking of their impact.

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